Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Co.

CNPC's three phase separators are on the way to China

The Texas branch of Shanghai Sunry participated in CNPC’s 3 sets of class 600 High-Pressure Three-Phase Separator and Ancillary Equipment (48"x10'x1440) bidding in early 2020, defeated the global No.1-Schlumberger of separator equipment, and won with careful technical solutions and the absolutely competitive price!


Our team overcame numerous difficulties and completed the production and testing of 3 separators with the best efforts to ensure quality and quantity.

Class 600 Three Phase Separator

After experiencing the unprecedented global catastrophe of COVID-19 in a century and witnessing the blizzard in Texas that has not been encountered in 50 years, the 3 sets of Separators finally left the Port of Houston on February 20, 2021 and headed to the Port of Tianjin, China.........

This indicates that the three-phase separator designed and produced by Sunry can compete with world-class brands both in terms of technology and quality!