Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Co.

The Flower of Sunry Blossoms in the Sahara

A few days ago, thirteen sets of high configuration and large capacity 3-phase separators, designed and manufactured by Sunry under the international standard, has been delivered to Shanghai Luojing Harbor by 8 lengthened trailers. Now they are on the way to the Sahara, shipping to the Algeria national petroleum company – Sonatrach. Looking back to the past 20 months, the whole Sunry team had a hard time.

Loading on board at Luojing Harbor

We spent almost a year on the preparation of early design scheme research and revision as well as many certificates. The manufactory started from April 2018 which was pretty urgent. The inspection process of each key segment during the manufactory, as well as the meters and valves, are all witnessed by SGS.

Ready for inspection
SGS Crew inspect at scene

The main meters and valves of the separators are all using the products from Emerson. The design and the quality are highly rated by the experts from CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) and Sinopec (China Petrochemical Corporation) on the scene. In this April, Sunry has shipped 8 high configuration surge tanks to the subsidiary of Algeria national petroleum company –- ENSP.

Surge tanks

From being established in 2000, Sunry keeps active in the field of international petroleum exploration and drilling, focusing on the honesty, quality and creation. Our customers spread all over more than 20 countries in the world. We provide well testing equipment to many famous companies in the global well testing service area, such as Sonatrach mentioned above, Expro in UK, SGS in Australia, Almansoori in Saudi Arabia, Oilserv in UAE, Gulf Energy in Oman, ZKM in Kazakhstan, Deepocean in Brazil, PDVSA in Venezuela, Bolland in Argentina, Equipetrol in Bolivia, Eastline in Nigeria, and so on.