Adjustable Chokes

Adjustable chokes are improved from Cameron H2 series adjustable chokes and suitable for well testing, high pressure drilling and production accompanied with sour gas or / and sand. These adjustable chokes are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API Spec. 6A. Reasonable price and low cost of spares make them the most cost effective adjustable chokes on the market.

Adjustable chokes can be divided into needle, plunger and orifice plate type and can be manually or hydraulically operated. Flow and pressure can be adjusted through changing fluid passage section by cone surface of needle, vertical movement of plunger or rotation of orifice plate

  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.
  • Carbide alloy is embedded into cone head of valve, flow nipple, plunger and orifice plate.
  • Flow adjustment is indicated on a measuring scale.
  • Both thrust bearings with large load capacity and composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing reduces operating torque
  • Medium: oil and gas accompanied with sour gas or / and sand
  • Rated Working Pressure: 5,000psi ~ 20,000psi
  • Bore Size: all popular
  • Temperature: K ~ U
  • Material Classes: EE ~ HH
  • End connections: flange, union
  • Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL4
  • Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2
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