Surface Safety Valve (SSV)

Surface safety valve (SSV) is a hydraulically actuated fail-safe gate valvefor producing or testing oil and gas wells with high flow rates, high pressures, or the presence of H2S. The SSV is used to quickly shut down the well upstream in the event of overpressure, failure, a leak in downstream equipment, or any other well emergency requiring an immediate shut down.

SSV is remotely operated by an emergency shutdown device (ESD), which can be triggered automatically by high or low pressure pilot actuators. If an emergency occurs, this feature reduces the possibility of personnel injuries.

A number of SSV models are available for different well conditions (pressures, temperatures, and flow rates) and with various connections, such as hammer union or API-6A flanges.

All SSVs are manufactured under Type Approval or Design Verification Review and provided with a Certificate of Conformity and full quality file.

  • High pressure oil / gas wells production
  • esting oil and gas wells with high flow rates, high wellhead pressures, or the presence of H2S.
  • Wells with hazard operational analysis showing a surface pressure barrier is needed in addition to the primary or master valve
  • Fail-safe remote activation and automatic well closure when loss of control pressure occurs
  • Double metal-to-metal seals for reliability in harsh environments
  • Compliance with API-6A (PSL-3 , PR1), NACE MR0175
  • Working Pressure: 5,000psi ~ 15,000psi
  • Temperature: P ~ U
  • Bore Size: all popular
  • Hydraulic actuator: 3,000 psi working pressure and 1/2" NPT
  • Inlet and outlet connections: API 6A flange or hammer union
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