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Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD)

Emergency shutdown Device (ESD) System with a minimum of two remote control stations are recommended for all well test operations. They are designed to pneumatically control the hydraulic flowhead valve or any other single-action, fail-safe hydraulically activated valve and to generate an emergency shutdown signal. The remote stations are to be located at the separator and in an area removed from all pressurized equipment on an escape route.

Emergency ShutDown

Emergency shutdown device (ESD) controls surface safety valve on the flowhead and permits manual or remote closure in response to a pipe leak or break, equipment malfunction, fire, or similar emergency during well testing operations. The ESD system is also used to reopen the valve and, if needed, can control an additional surface safety valve upstream of the choke.

Pressure from the system’s air-driven hydraulic pump is applied to open the valves and released to close them.



Emergency ShutDown Panel