Gas Dehydration

Gas Dehydration vessel utilized two-stage degas, high efficient demist and flow straightening etc., largely cut down droplet carrying rate in produced gas (separation rate over 99.99%). Level controller and level gauge enable automatic in site control.

Technical Specification:
Operating fluid: produced gas containing water
Operating temperature: depends on properties of inlet fluid
Operating pressure: depends on system pressure
Liquid carrying rate (treated gas): 0.002g/m3
Droplet size to be removed: >0.3μm
System pressure drop: <0.05MPa
Capacity (*104Nm/d): 10-100
Vessel type: horizontal/vertical
Control: automatic/manual (upon request)
    Features and Benefits:
  • Hydrocyclone pre-separation highly reduce the gas velocity during processing, eliminate surging and re-entrainment, keep in vessel flow field stable and raises the equipment performance
  • Flash and gas bubbling components enhance the gas release to maximum
  • Flow straighten and steady effects, reduce the entrainment rate at outlet, restrain plug flow and adjust flow regime effectively
  • Two-stage straighten component treats various liquid in vapor and liquid droplet size stage by stage
  • Optimized coalescence components increase the chance for droplet to collide, create a good separation field
  • Random packing and filter cartridge combined to increase the dampening and moist capturing
  • External gas removal device effectively control the gas inside of vessel