API 16C Flexible Line

Flexible Line features resistance to high-pressure, fire-resistance, heat-insulation and anti-flaming. It is in accordance with API Spec 16C. It is classified into two categories according to different purpose: one is Blowout Preventer (BOP) Hydraulic Control Line. Another is Flexible Choke Kill Line.

BOP Hydraulic Control Line

BOP Hydraulic Control Line is suitable for hydraulic transmission at high-temperature and flammable places in the metallurgic industry.

Product classification: High molecular polymer jacket type, stainless steel armored jacket type and braided stainless steel wire jacket type are available.

bop control line
Flexible Choke Kill Line

Flexible Choke Kill Line is applicable to connection at locations when drill platform, semi-submersible drilling vessel or drilling vessel moves relatively and the installation dimensions of the drilling rig changes, and to transport of oil, gas, mud and other high pressure media. The inner wall of Flexible Choke Kill Line is high abrasion resistance.

flexible choke kill line