Oil & Gas Production Separator

High efficiency oil & gas production separator is custom-made according to composites of produced well fluid from wells, level controls and pressure controls are necessary, sometines cyclonic inlet device is added in order to eliminate foam.

  • Onshore and offshore oil production and gas production
  • Liquid droplet in gas < 100 micron
  • Water droplet in oil < 500 micron
  • Fitted with deflector plate, coalescing plates, foam and vortex breaker, weir plate, and mist extractor
  • Sand-jet line for fast cleaning
  • Sampling points for all phases
  • Two relief valves to protect against overpressure
  • Compliant with API Spec. 12J, ASME VIII, Div. 1 or 2, NACE MR 0175
  • DNV 2.7.3 if offshore operation
FPSO Separator

FPSO separator separates oil, gas and water produced by floating platform. In order to avoid influences of wave surge, pitch and roll, SUNRY design engineers will simulate fluid motion in separators, based on practical experiences and field data of Natco CFD design, to design internals and to instruct installation.

FPSO Separator