Burner Boom

U burner boom is a modular design, basically consisting of two sections that extend approximately 18 m [60 ft]. By adding one intermediate sections, the boom can be lengthened to about 27 m [90 ft].

The structural design of the U-boom allows access to the burner and supports pipes that are laterally positioned on the boom sides. These pipes supply the burner with air, water, oil, and propane.

The U-boom is mounted on the rig with a rotating base plate and guy lines. Horizontal guy lines help orient the boom; and vertical guy lines, which are fixed to the rig’s main structure, support the boom. The rotating base enables horizontal and vertical positioning of the boom and burner.

Horizontal storage and vertical storage are available.

  • Offshore well testing, exploration and cleanup
  • Provide support for the burner and piping.
  • Allow access to the burner and piping.
  • Reduce heat radiation.
  • Protect rig personnel.
  • Limit burner noise on the rig.
  • Modular design, horizontal storage and vertical storage are available
  • Suitable for H2S service
  • Compliance with ASME and API 6D
  • Compliance with DNV 2.22 and DNV 2.7.3