Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Co.

Main Business and Service

SUNRY is dedicated to developing oil, gas, water and sand separation technologies, and fluid control technologies for oil & gas upstream.

SUNRY designs and delivers offshore well testing package, flow back package, oil, gas & water separator, sand filter, sand trap, produced water treatment package, crude oil burner boom and heat exchangers.

Meanwhile, SUNRY also provides high quality flowhead, choke manifold, H.P. treating irons and API 6A valves related to fluid control.

SUNRY also designs and delivers downhole protectors for ESP cable and control line.

In the past decade, SUNRY has delivered abovementioned products and packages to well testing contractors, oil companies and completion contractors in South America, Australia, Middle East and Africa, and gained good reputation because of professional design, high quality and good afterservice.


In 2001, Lucky Trade was set up and then supplied handling tools, BOP, BOP control unit, choke & kill manifold, mud pumps, mud motor and cementing units to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

In 2004, Lucky Trade designs and supplies surface well testing package for CNPC and then exported to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Australia, Bolivia and USA.

In 2006, Lucky Trade was renamed Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Company.

In 2009, Sunry set up an office in Houston, USA

In 2010, Sunry designs and supplies downhole cable & control line protectors.


Latest News

  • SUNRY moved to new location on the 27th of March, 2015
  • Sand trap was delivered to Middle East in September, 2014
  • ......
  • Solid control system was delivered to Bulgaria in April, 2013
  • Sand Filter was delivered to Saudi Arabia in August, 2013
  • Pup joints were delivered to Australia in August, 2013
  • Test separator was delivered to Nigeria in July, 2013
  • Four surge tanks were delivered to UAE in June, 2013
  • ......
  • Downhole protectors were delivered to Oman in July, 2012
  • Well testing choke manifold, SSV, ESD panel, data header, integral pup joints and choke bean were delivered to Australia in July, 2012
  • Slickline BOP was delivered to Bolivia in June, 2012
  • ......
  • Mud Tanks and Centrifugal Pumps were delivered to Australia in Sept., 2011
  • Plug Valves were delivered to Columbia and India in Sept., 2011
  • Choke Beans and SSV were delivered to UAE and Australia in Aug., 2011
  • Hydraulic Gate Valves, SSV, ESD and Gas Flare were delivered to Oman in June, 2011
  • ......

We Provide Professional and Outstanding Products & Service


Professional Design

1. Process design based on process calculation, CFD and experience

2. Structural design based on strength calculation, FEA and field layout

3. Familiar with ASME codes, API, NACE and DNV 2.7.3

Quality Assurance

1. All pressure vessels stamped on ASME U stamp, process pipes in accordance with ASME.

2. All API products from API authorized manufacturers, non-API products from world famous companies

3. Frames approved by DNV if required

4. Third Parties Inspection from DNV, BV and SGS are welcome.

High Cost Performance


Contact Information


  • Telephone: +86 21 6105 0718
  • E-mail: contact[at]
  • Address: 615 Ningqiao Road, Bldg.1,
  • Ste#306, Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • Post Code: 201206

Office in Houston, TX USA

  • Telephone: +1 281 712 7014
  • E-mail: contact[at]
  • Address: 10200 West Airport, Ste.160,
  • Stafford, TX 77477, USA



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